EP 200 D, 300 D, 500 D

EP 200 D, 300 D, 500 D

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Product Description

EP 300 D is a state-of-the-art imaging suite offering complete exam versatility, precision and reliability. The durable EP 300 D is a world class quality product that can readily meet the demands of the busiest imaging environments.

With an incredibly low total cost of ownership, EP 300 D is ideal for high-throughput environments such as hospitals, emergency rooms, imaging centers and high volume outpatient facilities.Epsilon Imaging solutions have been recognized as the industry gold standard and technologist choice for high patient volume radio-graphic suites.

S No Parameter 200 D, 300 D, 500 D
Type of Generator 2 Pulse, Full wave rectified
Maximum Output 30KVA/40KW
mA Selection 50 -500mA
KV Selection 30- 125KVA
Exposure Time 0.01 to 5 Sec
Input Supply 180-240V, 380-415V
Digital Display mA, mAs & KV Selection
X Ray Tube BEL/Tosiba/Nago & Equivalent
Tube Type Rotating Anode, Dual Focus
Safety Approvals BIS ,AERB, ISO-9001, ISO-13485