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Product Description

Excellent image quality

FONA ART Plus and Art Plus C uses the finest patented digital imaging technologies. Its CdTe (Cadmium Telluride)-CMOS sensor directly converts X-Rays to electrical signals, thus increasing image clarity and contrast while needing only a fraction of the usual radiation dose. Experience extraordinary image quality after every exposure.

Autofocus for detailed diagnosis

CdTe sensor technology provides more than 4.200 differently focused images during a single panoramic exposure. Thanks to the autofocus tool, the software automatically moves to the layer most in focus, thus correcting blurred image areas without the need for additional exposures.

Easy to handle

Operating the Art Plus (Pan only) and Art Plus C (Pan-Ceph) is both easy and efficient. Fluent workflow is supported by an ergonomically designed control panel with intuitive symbols and alphanumeric display. Exposure parameters are easily set by simply selecting from 4 patient sizes, 7 panoramic and 3 cephalometric programs.

Smart sensor technology

FONA ART Plus C uses a single portable sensor for both, Pan and Ceph images. Thanks to its locking system there is no risk of sensor dropping and its automatic Pan/Ceph recognition makes its handling easy, fast and intuitive.

Patient positioning tools

With Art Plus and Art Plus C patient positioning is quick and easy. Bite block, chin rest and laser beams ensure perfect patient centering. Mirror supports the operator to perform correct and fast positioning while additional headrest assures even more patient stability. Furthermore, the motorized carriage can be moved vertically to such an extent, that both tall patients and patients in wheelchairs can be easily accommodated.

Variety of exposure programs

Selection of the right exposure program is intuitive and fast. Each exposure program can be combined with 4 patient sizes or manually adjusted to fit perfectly to your needs. Choose the right preset program for your diagnostics with a single push of a button: Panoramic programs: (1) Adult panoramic (2) Child panoramic (3) Left-Side Dentition (4) Right-Side Dentition (5) Anterior Dentition (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus Cephalometric programs: (1) Antero Posterior (AP) (2) Latero Lateral (LL) (3) Carpus (4) Sub-Mento Vertex (SMV) in AP mode

Free-standing baseplate

Install ART Plus or Art Plus C either wall mounted or on the optional self-standing baseplate. The baseplate is designed to be wheelchair accessible and allows installation without any structural changes

Remote control

With the optional remote control, exposure can be released from outside the X-ray room, assuring optimal radiation protection and allowing full installation flexibility.

Sensor Technology  CdTe (Cadmium Telluride) CMOS
Image Resolution  5 lp/mm
Dynamic Range Pan / Ceph  16 bits
Exposure Time Pan / Ceph  14.2 sec (max) / 8 to 10 sec
PC connection  PCI express
Focal Spot  0.5 (IEC 60336)
Tube Voltage  61 - 85 kV
Tube Current  4 - 10 mA
Weight Pan / Ceph  98 kg / 120 kg
Pan Programs  (1) Adult panoramic, (2) Child panoramic, (3) Left-Side Dentition, (4) Right-Side Dentition, (5) Anterior Dentition, (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open, (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus
Ceph Programs  Antero-Posterior (AP), Latero-Lateral (LL), Carpus, Sub-Mento Vertex (SMV) in AP mode
Patient sizes  (1) Large, (2) Medium, (3) Small, (4) Child