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Product Description

Traditional solution

FONA XPan (Pan only) and XPan Ceph (Pan/Ceph) is a time proven and trouble free film solution with all standard cassette sizes. It supports standard 15×30 cm cassette size for Pan images, 18×24 cm for Ceph images and 24×30 cm for computed radiography. The X-ray generator features constant potential with high frequency electronics. The imparted dose is optimized during every exposure and a thermal protection minimizes waiting time and prolongs the system life spam.

Comprehensive programs

FONA XPan and XPan Ceph has an easy-to-use control panel with self-explanatory symbols for intuitive program selection. Exposure parameters are automatically set by activation of the preset program and patient size selected. Choose from 4 patient sizes, 7 panoramic and 3 cephalometric programs. Exposure parameters can be manually adjusted if needed.

Ergonomic patient positioning

Bite block, chin rest and laser beams ensure perfect patient centering. Mirror supports the operator to perform correct and fast positioning while additional headrest assures even more patient stability. Furthermore, the motorized carriage can be moved vertically to such an extent, that both tall patients and patients in wheelchairs can be easily accommodated.

Variety of exposure programs

Selection of the right exposure program is intuitive and fast. Each exposure program can be combined with 4 patient sizes or manually adjusted to fit perfectly to your needs. Choose the right preset program for your diagnostics with a single push of a button: Panoramic programs: (1) Adult panoramic (2) Child panoramic (3) Left-Side Dentition (4) Right-Side Dentition (5) Anterior Dentition (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus Cephalometric programs: (1) Antero Posterior (AP) (2) Latero Lateral (LL) (3) Carpus

Ready for different cassette sizes

FONA XPan supports standard 15x30 cm cassette size for Pan images and XPan Ceph supports 18x24 cm for Ceph cassettes and even 24x30 cm for computed radiography cassettes. Positioning is exact and handling is easy and fast.

Patient positioning tools

High image quality is guaranteed thanks to the reliable patient positioning. Patients can be easily positioned with the help of three laser beams and a motorized system for carriage translation. Positioning tools include bite block and auxiliary chin rest. Temporal resting bars are available as an option.

Cephalometric solution

In addition to seven panoramic programs, the cephalometric version XPan Ceph is ideal for lateral or frontal radiographs of the skull and wrist for orthodontic procedures. Adaptation of the system is simply done by rotation of the tubehead and selection of the appropriate collimator position.

Free-standing baseplate

Install FONA XPan or XPan Ceph either wall mounted or on the optional self-standing baseplate. The baseplate is designed to be wheelchair accessible and allows installation without any structural changes.

Remote control

With the optional remote control, exposure can be released from outside the X-ray room, assuring optimal radiation protection and allowing full installation flexibility.

Technology Traditional Film
Focal Spot 0.5 (IEC 60336)
Tube Voltage 61 – 85 kV
Tube Current 4 – 10 mA
Exposure time Pan / Ceph 14.2 s (max) / one shot
Weight Pan (XPan) / Ceph (XPan Ceph) 100 kg / 120 kg
Panaromic Programs (1) Adult panoramic, (2) Child panoramic, (3) Left-side dentition, (4) Right-side dentition, (5) Anterior dentition, (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open, (7) Frontal view of maxillary sinuses
Cephalometric Programs (only in XPan Ceph)  (1) Antero-Posterior (AP), (2) Latero-Lateral (LL),  (3) Carpu

Patient Sizes (1) Large (2) Medium (3) Small (4) Child