Digital X-Ray Systems

Digital X-Ray Systems


The new digital generation INNOVISION – EXII covers the complete spectrum of clinicalrequirements and drastically reduces redundant work steps. Thus, it greatly optimizesthe workflow, leading to higher performance.

INNOVISION has realized the safe, easy, and fast acquisition of clear radiographicimages and low level of radiation dose.

Its unprecedented ease-of-use networking, combined with DICOM3.0 enables astreamlined workflow through seamless, effective data transfer.

Its refined total design package for real-time diagnosis can be translated into an idealworking condition.

  • Ultra High Definition Image Captured by Flat Panel Detector
  • Rapid Image Acquisition
  • Quick and Easy Preparation for Examination
  • Automatic positioning for Flexible and Versatile Applications
  • Advanced Imaging Applications
  • Ergonomic Design for High-Performance and Easy Operation
  • Synchronized Tube and Detector Stand(Option)
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Product Description

Bucky tilt allows horizontal positioning for upper extremity studies

Equipped with a tilting FPD unit, which accommodates wide range of positioning to meet all patient ranges and studies.Compactly designed for easy examination of sitting patient.

Elevating Horizontal Radiographic Table

The four-way floating top and electromagnetic locks enables easy positioning. It features both a highly rigid design and adurable shock-absorption mechanism.

Ceiling Suspended X-Ray Tube Support Linked with a Bucky Stand and Table

The focal spot of the X-ray tube unit can be moved up and down in conjunction with vertical movement of the bucky stand and table. For a supine-positioned patient, the X-ray tube automatically moves to a preset SID, enabling precise and fast positioning.


Synchronized for chest exams                                 Auto-synchronization                                                 Synchronized with table bucky

Soft Handling for Ceiling-mounted X-ray Tube Support

It enable users to operate the Ciling-mounted X-ray Tube Support with low physical pressure.

Smooth manual moving Long vertical stroke