DR upgrade Solution

DR upgrade Solution


It is a highly integrated system, based on multipurpose X-ray detector, generating real-time images for both radiography and fluoroscopy. Used for Angiography, CBCT, C–ARM, Fluoroscopy, Cardiograph, and replacement of image intensifiers

  • easy to use
  • High-quality digital images
  • Low radiation dose
  • High performance
  • Replacement image intensifiers
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Product Description

ATAL 9 is then only detector of its kind. Its long battery life (more than 10 hours of operating time with one charge), high speed data transmission (Gigabits, 802.11ac) and light weight (2.4kg for 17 x 17 detector) will allow productivity and versatility. The detector will provide not only static but also multi frame images (6~24 fps) as an optional function.

  • Gigabit Speed (Wi-Fi)
  • Wireless & Wired
  • 1.95kg (4.3lb) without battery
  • Image Data Loss Protected : 2GB internal memory
  • USB 3.0

Cassette Sized Detector for the standard table or wall bucky

With 17” by 17” image capture capability and thin, the light weight, ATAL 8c flat panel detector allows your existing x-ray machine to become an advanced digital x-ray system. cassette sized flat panel detector has the same dimensions as a standard ISO 4090 film cassette and fits into existing Bucky trays. ATAL 8c does not require a cable connection with X-ray generator to synchronize the signals, Because Our Auto-senor will take care of the exposure timing.

  • High DQE and the good MTF
  • Quick acquisition of image
  • Versatile applications
  • High flexibility
  • Easy to connect