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Product Description

High 3D image quality

With XPan 3D you can see the smallest details for precise diagnostics. 3D voxel size of only 160 µm combined with 14 bit dynamic range, which equals more than 16.000 gray-levels, ensures high image quality after each exposure. See what you could not see before with XPan 3D.

8,5 x 8,5 volume in just 10 seconds

With just one exposure you get the full arch field of view 8,5 x 8,5 cm. The reconstruction takes only 10 seconds, thanks to modern 64 bit technology, saving your time and the time of your patients. See the full dentition, mandibular canal and maxillary sinus in one single exposure and in record time.

Most compact design

FONA XPan 3D takes up just as little space as 2D only. With its compact design it can be easily installed into all dental studios and thanks to its free-standing baseplate no structural changes are required. Fitting a 3D unit into your clinic was never easier.

Intuitive navigation of the 3D volume

High resolution images and intuitive software navigation allow you to examine clinical cases quickly and decide with confidence on the appropriate treatment.

Cross section view for accurate diagnosis

With the cross section view diagnosis is more accurate. You can precisely measure the length to the mandibular canal, do implant planning or spot endodontic diseases.

Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) function

With just one click scattering, strays and shadows are reduced for better image quality without the need for additional exposures. You can use MAR function to even further enhance the diagnostic possibilities offered by XPan 3D.

Variety of exposure programs

Selection of the right exposure program is intuitive and fast. Each exposure program can be combined with 4 patient sizes or manually adjusted to fit perfectly to your needs. Choose the right preset program for your diagnostics with a single push of a button: Panoramic programs: (1) Adult panoramic (2) Child panoramic (3) Left-Side Dentition (4) Right-Side Dentition (5) Anterior Dentition (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus 3D programs: (8) Complete dentition (9) Left TMJ (10) Right TMJ.

Automatic dual and triple scan mode

Automatic dual or triple scan mode allows the import of radiographic images into the surgical guide software already in the right sequence.

Patient positioning tools

Bite block, chin rest and support for edentulous ensure perfect patient centering. Laser beams and frontal mirror support easy and fast positioning while the patient’s head can be further stabilized with the optional headrest. The height of the unit can be easily adapted using the motorized column.

Remote control

With the optional remote control, exposure can be released from outside the X-ray room, assuring optimal radiation protection and allowing full installation flexibility.

 Sensor Technology  CMOS Flat Panel
 Pixel size  100 µm
 Voxel Size  160 µm
 Focal Spot  0.5 (IEC 336 / 1997)
 Tube Voltage  61 – 85 kV
 Tube Current  4 – 10 mA
 Exposure time 2D  14.2 seconds (max)
 Exposure time 3D  12.3 seconds (max)
 Active Sensor Area  130x130 mm
 Volume size 3D  85x85 mm (diameter x height)
 Image reconstruction time 3D  < 10 seconds (standard reconstruction)
 Weight  98 kg
 Panoramic Programs (1) Adult panoramic, (2) Child panoramic, (3) Left-Side Dentition, (4) Right-Side Dentition, (5) Anterior Dentition, (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open, (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus
 3D Programs  (8) Complete dentition, (9) Left TMJ, (10) Right TMJ
 Patient Sizes  (1) Large,(2) Medium, (3) Small, (4) Child