Intra Oral Imaging (FONA Stellaris)

Overview of Products

FONA Stellaris is built with the latest technologies to deliver crystal.

Clear images with every shot. Precise CsI conversion imaging plate, combined with advanced CMOS-APS sensor technology, will give you images with 22,5 lp/mm measured resolution while needing up to 5x less radiation
compared to traditional film. No detail stays hidden during your diagnostics.
Rounded sensor edges make positioning easier and more comfortable, while the modular concept of
detachable cables allows fast, easy and secure sensor connection – plug in and shoot instantly. Variety of different cable lengths simplifies integration into your clinic and detachable sensor cable secures your investment for the future. Stellaris combined with FONA OrisWin DG Suite software will give you a truly seamless workflow experience, even while making a full mouth series.


Low noise and high sensitivity allows to discover every detail, no matter if you are searching for caries, endodontic or periodontal issues.


High sensitivity technology reduces dose up to 5x comparing to the traditional film.



Creation of full mouth series takes minimum time. Images are simply aquired one after another and stored to desired scheme.
Product Information