Intra Oral Imaging (FONA CDR Elite)

Overview of Products

FONA CDRelite combines outstanding image quality, ease of use, and a patient comfort focused design, to provide an everyday intraoral radiography experience that is truly Elite.

FONA CDRelite is the new generation of sensors designed by SCHICK, the company that brought the #1 ranked image quality and the world's only field replaceable cable in intraoral radiology.


Designed by professionals to meet your requirements

CDRelite is the result of years of development, with input from the world’s largest digital intraoral radiography customer base and one of the most extensive field testing programs making sure to meet your requirements. CDRelite delivers ease of use, high image quality and long term durability.

Built for ease of use and patient comfort

Simple and easier sensor placement, even for vertical bitewings, is allowed by an optimally located sensor cable interface. A specially designed color scheme provides high visibility in the oral cavity. Patients will appreciate the comfort level thanks to the rounded edges of CDRelite.

High resolution images for detailed diagnosis 

CDRelite’s superb CMOS APS technology delivers sharp, low noise, high resolution images which allow you to see even the smallest details to support your exact diagnosis. The sensor perfectly integrates with FONA’s intuitive and easy-to-use imaging software OrisWin DG Suite, which features multiple tools needed for enhanced diagnostic capabilities and patient data management.

Unique removable cable technology for long term reliability 

CDRelite includes the unique removable cable techno logy on all three sensor sizes. Every dental
practice can enjoy the simplicity and convenience of a one step cable replacement process supporting the security of your investment.
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