Intra Oral Imaging (FONA XDC)

Overview of Products

Perfect for digital imaging

Advanced DC technology.

Integration flexibility.

Effortless and stable positioning.


Advanced DC technology 

State of the art DC technology, finest focal spot of 0.4, and a wide range of preset exposure settings ensure excellent image quality and a low radiation dose for your patients. See all the details you need for precise diagnosis.

Integration flexibility 

Available as a mobile or wall mounted version with four different extension arm lengths XDC easily fits into your dental practice. The wall mount and timer can be installed separately allowing even more everyday work flexibility. 

Effortless and stable positioning 

The light, solid and stable arm assures smooth movement and reliable positioning. Mechanical system is based on proven X70 and XDG units. Thousands of satisfied customers already experience the ergonomy, ease of positioning and final position stability every day. 


Product Information