Intra Oral Imaging (FONA XDG)

Overview of Products

Extraordinarily sharp images.

Excellent image quality.

Ergonomic positioning.

Easy-to-use control panel.


Excellent image quality 

FONA XDG produces excellent image quality even in the most demanding working conditions. Thanks to the finest focal spot of 0.4 it delivers sharp images with optimal details, both with high resolution sensors and finest grain films.

Economic Positioning 

The light, solid and stable arm assures smooth movement and reliable positioning. Thousands of satisfied customers use XDG and experience the ergonomy, ease of positioning and final position stability every day. 

Easy-to-use control panel 

Select the tooth type, patient size and receptor technology and you are ready for exposure. Preset exposure program selection is fast and easy allowing you to save time while being sure that you will receive a high quality radiograph.


Product Information