Through 25 years with Radiology Career; TechnoRay now is a leading provider of Different Radiology Solution not in The Egyptian Market only.
Since 2001, TechnoRay have spread around all Egypt and also in some of Middle East Countries, created innovative diagnostic environment by introducing a wide range of full radiology portfolio.
Abundant experience and expertise in X-ray equipment lead our steady improvement and innovation to continuously offer leading X-ray Modalities. 
With mission of 'Providing best of Radiology Solutions; TechnoRay strive continuously to improve its provided solutions & services and be industry leader. 
It's been 10-years; we started business with our exclusive agencies will to introducing the best solutions ever that more suitable for any further capabilities.
Now, we can grade up with enterprises of middle standing which have numerous customers at home and abroad.
TechnoRay is in a position to offer sophisticated and individually configurable system solutions to partners in medicine (human and vet).

TechnoRay become one of the biggest company as occupying a wide region in Radiology Market that let TechnoRay to gain the title of MARKET LEADERSHIP in Innovative high quality and cost-effective medical imaging and healthcare in Africa & The Middle East.
Top-notch company Become a top-tier locally company first in healthcare provided solutions.
Creativity Make value by new creative thinking, which we think highly of Aim for the future.
Always look ahead and encourage the challenge spirit.
Customer-centric product/service Believe customer-centric approach more important than technology-centric product/service. 

We consider crystal-clear management is the key for all of our shareholders, who have been standing by us last several decades seeing our openness and fairness.
Hunting the best of quality in design and advanced technology provided in our machines to supply our medical market with the prober solutions to make our customer are satisfied to ensuring the maximum success with profitable relationship by giving them highest technology of machines, so doctors can deliver the accurate diagnosis for their patients.
To Occupy the Market in the Achieving of Superior Customer Satisfaction in the term of Medical Solutions & after Sales Services provided.
To make it easy to do business in Medical Solutions & after Sales Services. To achieve our vision, we need to fulfill these.
We aspire to perceive our customers a highly superior values; to capture their values in return.
Every successfully deal, Our Customer admit; TechnoRay provides the best Radiology Solutions ever in the Market (That is exactly we are).
Without any trust and integrity among them, we can never establish any achievements and maintain the long-term relationship: -
Demonstrate Integrity. Exercise the highest level of professional and ethical behavior. We believe we have to do the right things in right way. It is the basic element of all aspects of business.
Trust. We strive for trusting our employees, partners, and others to make the long-term mutual success.
Demonstrate Integrity. Exercise the highest level of professional and ethical behavior.
Are Respectful. Treat people with respect and dignity. Listen actively. Communicate in a timely and forthright manner.
Collaborate. Ask for and welcome help; offer and give it freely. Mutually resolve ambiguity and conflict.
Build Trust. Make commitments responsibly and always keep our word. Be candid while building shared understanding.
Deliver. Set high aspirations, plan responsibly, and honor all commitments.
Learn It, Do It, Share It. Be curious. Seek, share, and build upon experiences and lessons learned Quality. We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time. Our reputation depends on our delivered value in the eyes of every customer and community.
Transparency. is important to consumers and employees alike. This open "reveal" of information shows that a company has nothing to hide, and helps consumers make better decisions -- so that, in a direct comparison, a company that reveals all information related to its supply chain.
OUR Slogan 

Our Sustainability policy
Our Quotes Philosophy:-
  “Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more-good”.
– Jochen Zeitz
  “The old way of doing 'good business' was based on the principle, 'the end justifies the means.' In the future, good business will invoke 'the means justifying the ends.' The E P&L can already serve as an important tool to help this shift in commerce from generating profits with collateral damages to profits with collateral benefits”.
– Jochen Zeitz
  “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein, Physicist
  “Buy less, choose well.”
– Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Designer 
TechnoRay has been offering a wide range of radiology portfolio technologies with innovative development management strategies for over 25 years.
Our internal solutions are used in private practices, radiology departments and hospitals throughout Egypt. For our company to grow in a sustainable way, we must pay attention to environmental, economic and social considerations. We recognize our shared responsibility to balance and promote these three pillars of sustainability.
We live up to the challenge of developing our company sustainably and improving the work environment for our employees on a daily basis. Our goal is to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible.
                                          Appreciate YOUR TIME ,,,,,,