CT (512-Slice CT Scanner)

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QuantumEye 799 CT

With consistent innovation and know-how development in CT systems, MinFound has developed and released a high-end 512-slice CT Scanner QuantumEye 799. Extending clinical applications into breakthroughs in advanced technologies, QuantumEye 799 CT brings exceptional value for not only routine practice but clinical research.



1. Manufacturing Excellence

· DivineArk Gantry System

· 80cm Large Aperture

· Tolerate > 70G Centrifugal Force


2. Design Innovation

· Electromagnetic Direct Drive System

· Fastest Speed to Acquire Cardiac Imaging

· Quiet, Accurate, and Reliable


3. Patented Detector Design

· DivineLight 256-row Detector

· Unique Spherical Design with 16cm Coverage

· Superior Channel to Channel Uniformity

· 32×32 Tilable Design with Maximum Flexibility and Manufacturability

· Most Efficient Temperature Control

· Advanced 3D Printing Anti-scattering Grid

· Exclusivie Optimized Scintillator with High Quantum Detection Efficiency

· 256 ASIC Chip with Low Electronic Noise


4. Application Revolution

· All-in-one free-breathing scanning

· Complete cardiac scanning per rotation

· Dynamic cerebral perfusion under static condition

· Low-dose protocol for arrhythmia and pediatric scannings


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