CT (32-slice CT Scanner)

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Scintcare Blue 755CT

ScintCare Blue Series CT is designed as a multiskilled and adaptable 32-slice CT scan to deliver safe, cost-efficient and quality scans by integrating low-dose algorithms with self-developed detector. In addition, it also features the intelligent navigation on scan process, resulting in a smoother and more pleasant scan experience for both radiologists and patients.


1. 20 mm Z-axis coverage, 32 slices per rotation.

2. The ScintiStar® Detector guarantees sufficient sampling per rotation with low afterflow and reduced artifacts.

3. 1024 x 1024 Mega-pixel matrix fully displays details of lesions.

4. NanoDose Iterative (NDI) and intelligent mA (imA) algorithms enable lower dose while preserving image quality.

5. AI empowered workflow provides easy and comfort operation.

6. 70 kV low dose protocol is available for pediatric scanning.

7. Robust hardware allows the system running stably.



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