DR System (Medici)

Overview of Products

 Medici DR systems – DR retrofits for your existing stationary X-ray system

Are you considering a digital alternative to your trusted stationary X-ray system? 

Is the time ripe for your practice and patients to benefit from the advantages of digital X-ray imaging?

Are you looking for a digital flat panel detector system that connects to your existing X-ray unit, is easy to install,

straightforward to operate, and generates professional and reproducible images?  If yes, then our Medici system is your best bet!  

Medici DR systems are available for nearly every X-ray unit manufactured.

After choosing the appropriate make and size of tethered flat panel detector, the system can be configured according to your needs. 

The dicomPACS®DX-R image acquisition software is easy to operate, has a touchscreen interface, improves your workflow,

and produces outstanding X-ray images. Naturally, Medici DR systems can be integrated with your practice management software

and programmed to transfer X-ray images to an image management system (PACS). 

Should you lack access to a PACS server but still require images to be distributed 

(e.g., within your practice/ hospital or to colleagues/patients via internet), our dicomPACS® image processing system also offers file sharing.



Product Information