CT (64-Slice CT Scanner)

Overview of Products


With cutting-edge technologies driven by constant innovation and development of know-how, MinFound ScintCare CT64 brings an innovative CT solution with refined details and low dose protection.



·         64 detection lines in the Z axis.

·         64 cuts per rotation

·         40 mm detector coverage in Z axis

·         NanoDose iteration

·         Gantry aperture 70 cm

·         0.39s rotation time



1. Highly integrated modular detector
The entire image chain, including anti-scattering grid (ASG), scintillator array, photodiode array, ceramic wafer, multichannel connector, and ND conversion PCB, are all integrated in a miniaturized technological module.

a. Optimized scintillator array design
High density rare earth heavy ceramic materials are adopted for the scintillator array. The spaces between the pixels are filled with reflected material to increase the efficiency of light collection. We have optimized the material thickness of the scintillator by simulation. The visible light absorption efficiency is increased as high as possible, while ensuring an X-ray absorption rate of over 98%. The SNR and the image quality of the system are finally optimized.

b. Most advanced data acquisition ASIC chip with 256 channels
We exclusively adopt a state-of-the-art 256-channel ASIC chip. Besides being highly integrated, this chip has higher count rate, lower power consumption, lower noise and better linearity, ensuring a system with excellent performance including high sampling rate, high dynamic range and exceptional image quality.

c. Detector housing design with high precision and high strength
EMC / EMI (electromagnetic interference) shielding, property of luminescence, mechanical precision, rigidity and reliability at high rotational speeds are taken into account in the overall detector and gantry design. Image noise and artifacts caused by electromagnetic interference along with leakage are eliminated, ensuring mechanical precision at high rotational speed.

d. Unique ASG (Anti-Scatter Grid) design and production technique
The separate design for the edge channels of the sensing modules prevents the modules from interfering with each other, greatly reducing the system's sensitivity to ambient temperature and decreasing image artifacts caused by temperature drifts.

e. Creative detector photodiode design
The design of the photodiode is optimized to reduce the scatter sensitivity of scanned objects - this is mainly improved at the modulus limit. This technology's intellectual property rights are registered in the United States.


2. Ultra-high heat capacity tube
Anode heat capacity: 8MHU


3. Ultra-high voltage power generator
Power: 80kW;
Current: 10-667mA;
Voltage: 80kV-140kV

4. User interface and workflow

·         User-oriented design, concise interface;

·         Diverse functions, more efficient operation, meets user needs;

·         Human-centered design to enable personalized protocol;

·         The operation mode conforms to the habits of users with fewer errors.


5. Automatic bolus tracking

By monitoring changes in the CT value of the ROI after contrast agent injection, automatically triggers scanning process.

6. Expandable to 128 CT slices
It's based on the same platform as our 128-slice scanner, with customize option on-site to a 128-slice scanner, with focal point deviation capability.

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