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The first SiPM-based digital PET/CT in China
ScintCare PET/CT, is the first SiPM-based digital PET/CT in China. This is an affordable, high-performance nuclear 
Medical Imaging system that MinFound has developed in only four years.
ScintCare PET/CT is a unique molecular imaging system that won both the special approval of Chinese innovative medical equipment and the innovation product certificates issued by the National Health Planning Commission, Chinese Hospital Association and China Association of Medical Equipment.


Free breathing scan

·         20.2 cm (26.9 cm) long axial coverage

·         0.97% (1.4%) system sensitivity

·         3.5 mm PET spatial resolution


The integration of the SiPM digital PET detector and scintillation crystal

·         Higher photon detection efficiency and light output uniformity

·         Better time resolution, spatial resolution and image uniformity

·         Patented fast-correction technology based on SiPM 1:1 readout method




System is equipped with ScintLaSante software which can reveal subtle changes
iRecon, an intelligent reconstruction technology, reveals the subtle lesions;
IPSF, a resolution recovery algorithm, greatly increases the spatial resolution;
MISC, a super-fast iterative scatter correction algorithm, improves the accuracy of quantitative analysis;
IGNR, an itelligently image-guided noise reduction technology, improves the signal-to-noise ratio of PET image.


Comprehensive low dose control technologies ensure the lowest radiation dose

Using ScintiStar PET and ScintiStar CT high sensitive low radiation detectors, which produce 50% lower dose and gains 100% satisfactory image.
It features imA itelligent dose control technology, iRecon iterative reconstruction, complete scan protocols, comprehensive CT dose management plan.


The lowest operating costs ensures the highest return on investment
ScintCare PET/CT reduces the usage cost at all aspects:
Imaging systems with low radiation dose saves million of dollars of pharmaceuticals and equipment operating costs every year.
- Increases 25% - 75% of patients throughput compaed to traditional PET/CT, greatly improving economic benefits.
- The service period of Na-22 calibration source is three years longer than the traditional calibration source Ge-68.
- Modular detector design saves the cost of equipment maintenance.


Provides more accurate diagnostic information




Better guided treatment


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