MRI (Scintcare 3T Closed)

Overview of Products


The 16-channel Orion RF system
Large 51.2cm FOV


Phased array coil integrated imaging
High density matrix


Large diameter magnet design
Superior gradient cooling efficiency

Low power consumption
Excellent after-sales Service




Integrated lmaging + Target Coil
Providing excellent SNR & image quality without changing coils ScintCare 1.5T features an advanced 16-channel RF system, inventively combining array coil integration

and a high-density matrix design. The Orion RF system supports whole-body imaging without requiring any change in coils, while demonstrating some of the most

optimal time and spatial resolution available in the industry.

Powerful multi-core reconstruction module
Multiple Phased Array coils can be used simultaneously for integrated scanning without changing coils for highly efficient examination.



Our magnets boast a superior scanning scope, featuring:

1.    The industry best FOV: 51.2cm in 3 directions

2.    The highest degree of homogeneity: 10cm DSV < 0.002ppm

3.    The combination of large imaging volume and Orion RF system optimizes the visualization region

4.    Highest uniformity contributes to image quality.

5.    ScintCare 1.5T Magnetic Resonance Imaging system is independently developed by MinFound Medical Systems. Its ultra-high uniformity

magnet provides full 51.2cm DSV imaging volume and ultra-fast dynamic shimming.




Patient Care Improved comfort

·         The ergonomic industrial design provides low operating noise and a comfortable patient environment.

·         Accommodate patients up to 250kg

·         MinFound proprietary SNDB noise reduction system reduces noise by up to 18%




Increased service life & reduced operators' costs
Highly tolerant to unscheduled site power failures
Helium boil-off rate : < 0.01 liter per hour
Helium refill period: > 10 years



Comprehensive application
100% Platinum Warranty
Attentive, quick and professional after sales service leaves you nothing to worry about.


Full efficient,better patient-care
100% Platinum Warranty
Intelligent Cloud Center
Maximize Operational Efficiency for Customers


Comprehensive Clinical Application
Graphical Control Interface
Easy Operation


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