Overview of Products

PROSTRAR is designed with ergonomics in mind for using in a limited space such as an operating room. PROSTAR is a compact and state of the art medical system with high quality materials. PROSTAR is characterized by its small footprint and superior mobility.

  •  Wide Free Space of SID 78cm
  • Minimizing Dose by Pulsed Fluoroscopy and Half Dose Mode
  • User-Friendly Design with Dual Monitor
  • Fine Image Display through monitor
Features :-
Compact Design for Easy Operation and Powerful Performance
PROSTAR features a compact and optimized design for easy operation with all the cables of components contained within the C-arm.
Its light-weight body supports more smooth movements providing astonishing mobile performance for efficient workflow.
High Performance with High Resolution Image and Lower Dose
PROSTAR's high voltage generator with short and sharp pulses ensures clear and high-resolution images under any circumstances.
The high technology of the generator also contributes to the distinctive reduction of dose levels.
With its high resolution CCD Camera, PROSTAR lucidly visualizes the anatomical structures and provides excellent images to make use of.
PROSTAR is equipped with a high performance X-ray generator. The pulsed fluoroscopy mode allows for significant dose reduction without compromising image quality.
Optimized Image Processing, One-stop Solution for Easy Management
Optimized Image Processing, One-stop Solution for Easy Management

PROSTAR`s unique image processing software and the user interface are Windows based which provides user-friendly access ensuring easy usage and management. 
Its diverse image processing technologies enable to acquire the optimal images to satisfy complicated surgical needs by means of its special features such as Auto Windowing.
Digital Compensation Filtering and Fine Auto Brightness Control etc.



Product Information
  • Manufacturer : DK Medical System
  • Origin : Korea
  • Website : www.dk.co.kr